Tamworth & Peel Valley Rifle Club


Tamworth & Peel Valley Rifle Club

Tamworth & Peel Valley Rifle Club was established in 1896 as military rifle club. Prior to moving to its present location at Loomberah a 1000 yard range was used behind the Tamworth Technical College. Although some of the early history is sketchy apparently this range was used extensively by troops for firearms training during both world wars. While the club has based the weekly activities on military style and full-bore target shooting since its establishment, a change in emphasis in recent years has been necessary to cater more for the modern weapons and shooter requirements. This change has included the adoption of modified service rifles to meet modern ammunition supplies and field rifles for fly shooting events.

The TPVRC range is a privately owned property leased by the club committee. The range is a working property and as such is not available at all other times than those set down in the program. The program is subject to change at short notice given the availability of trained staff to run the range in a safe environment.

Our program includes competition practice days, competition days and working bees to maintain the range. All Shooters in attendance on a given day are expected to participate in the set activity for the day - All shooters are expected to give a hand putting up targets, marking in the butts, scoring on the mounds and packing up (age limit of 18+ for target duties and all other activities are expected of Junior members upward).

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Rifle Specification & Fixtures

Military, service, field, hunter, sporter, factory, and match; knowing your rifle specification is important for target shooting. Click on the link below and it will take you to the Australian International High Power Association (AIHPA) web page where you can view the definitions of rifle specifications from SPEC 1 through SUB-SPEC 5a and more. View rifle specifications.

Targets Used On Range

Click on this link and it will take you to the AIHPA web page where you can view some of the most commonly used targets. View targets.