Tamworth & Peel Valley Rifle Club


Tamworth & Peel Valley Rifle Club

Club Membership

Want to apply for membership of the Tamworth & Peel Valley Rifle Club? Please come to the Loomberah range on a Saturday afternoon after 12:30pm and some one will take you through the membership process and the type of shooting events the club runs.

NSW Pre-Licence Qualification Course

This course is accredited by the NSW Firearms Registry and is a prerequisite for obtaining a NSW firearm licence. The course will prepare you for ownership and usage of a firearm including providing the skills necessary to safely handle a firearm.

To enrol in the Pre-Licence Qualification Course, contact the Firearm Safety and Training Council Limited:
Phone: 02 9486 3077
Email: [email protected]
They will direct you to your nearest accredited training officer.