Tamworth & Peel Valley Rifle Club


Tamworth & Peel Valley Rifle Club


Mounds are placed at the 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m and 600m mark. A 50m Bench rest facility is also available for Centre Fire and Fly competition.

At The Butt

The line of fire focuses on the 8 target manned butt. Results are marked and scored by your fellow marksmen giving real time results and feedback.

Safety is our number 1 priority on the range, the Range Officer will be in charge of the afternoon shoot.

Every shooter must be aware of the following safety points:

  1. Before your rifle is removed from your car it must be checked by yourself as being unloaded and the bolt removed.
  2. Once on the shooting mound, with the rifle pointed down range the bolt can be inserted.
  3. The rifle is to be pointed at the butts (targets) at all times.
  4. The rifle is not to be loaded until you have been told to load.
  5. The rifle can not be removed from the shooting mound until the bolt removed/action opened, the magazine removed and it is verified as empty by the range officer.

Club and Range Etiquette

  1. All shooters are expected to give a hand putting up targets, marking in the butts, scoring on the mounds and packing up.
  2. Scoring is carried out by placing a spotting disc on the target in the projectile hole and a value marker is placed on a corner of the target to show the scores to the shooters and scorers. This allows the shooter to adjusts his or her aim by seeing the actually spot hit on the target often without the aid of binoculars or scopes.
  3. Working bees are carried out as required and as many volunteers as possible make the work easier and quicker. A free BBQ lunch is held on working bee days.